Yamcha is a major protagonist in the original Dragon Ball series, and a supporting protagonist in the manga and the anime sequels Z and GT.

Originally a desert bandit, he sought the Dragon Balls to get over his fear of girls and thus became an enemy of Son Goku. However, they both formed a truce to battle the plans of Emperor Pilaf and eventually became friends. Being around Bulma for so long made him comfortable around her and they started an on again off again relationship.

He along with the rest of the Z-Fighters fought against Nappa and Vegeta but he was killed before Son Goku arrived. After the Ginyu force is killed, King Kai brings over to fight the Z-Fighters. The Z-Fighters defeat them and send them to Hell with Yamcha defeating Recoome.

During the Trunks saga, Yamcha hints that he still likes Bulma but it ends up being a futile effort when he and Bulma break up for good and Bulma falls in love with Vegeta and has a child with him. After the destruction of Perfect Cell, Yamcha is heavily outclassed by the Saiyans and quits fighting and starts making only very minor appearances.


  1. According to Future Trunks, the reason Yamcha and Bulma permanently broke up was because Yamcha got over his fear of girls and became promiscuous.
  2. Sometime after breaking up with Bulma for good, Yamcha found a new girlfriend but she has never been seen. After wishing everyone back to life after the Cell games, Yamcha jokingly wanted the second wish to be a necklace for his girlfriend.