FF10 Wakka SR I Artniks
Wakka is one of the playable characters and the former captain of the Besaid Aurochs in the video game Final Fantasy X.

Wakka's specialty in combat is using his Blitzball to hit enemies and is useful against airborne enemies and enemies from afar. His other specialty is using his attacks to put status ailments on his enemies such as darkness, silence, and sleep.

In all his years of being captain of the Besaid Aurochs, they never won a game, though once Tidus arrives in Spira, he is renewed with hopes of winning his final game. Whether or not the Besaid Aurochs win the tournament, Wakka retires from the game itself.

Wakka is incredibly devout towards Yevon and hates the Al Bhed, though his hatred stems more towards the fact that his younger brother Chappu used Al Bhed machine to fight Sin and was killed. However, his devoutness fades when he learns the Yevon religion is based on a lie and by the end of the game, he abandons it completely and apologizes to the Al Bhed.

In the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, Wakka is now married to Lulu and is about to become a father. When his baby is born, he names his son Vidina which is the Al Bhed word for "Future" as closure of his brother's death and his changed opinion for the Al Bhed.