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Trunks is one of the major heroes in the Dragon Ball franchise, introduced in Dragon Ball Z as the son of Bulma and Vegeta.

Trunks has two timelines, the one from the future which is commonly known as Future Trunks and one of the present. Due to the horrible future Earth would face, Future Trunks goes back in time to save Son Goku from a virus that would kill him and help fight the androids. With the discovery of Cell, situations became worse and finding Androids 17 and 18 became more important. Cell absorbs 17 and 18 and becomes Perfect Cell.

Cell holds a tournament to show off his power and during the tournament, Future Trunks is killed after Goku sacrificed himself in order to save the Earth, which was one of the few times Vegeta showed anguish. Luckily, Son Gohan is able to completely destroy Cell, creating a far better future allowing the Trunks of the present to have a much happier life until Majin Buu awakens. Near the end of the series, he gets a little sister named Bulla.

Sometime before Dragon Ball GT, Trunks became president of Capsule Corporation and was a hearththrob to the female employees, though he dislikes his job and often flies off. He pilots the spaceship to travel the galaxy when Emperor Pilaf accidentally scatters the Black Star Dragon Balls after he accidentally wishes Goku to become a kid again.


  • With the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Resurrection F and the Dragon Ball Super series, Trunks now has a love interest in the form of Mai, who became a child along with her boss, Emperor Pilaf. An alternate timeline version of her also acted as the love interest to Future Trunks and ally against Goku Black and Zamasu.