Muscleman Toriko

Muscleman Toriko

Toriko is a very well known Gourmet hunter from the Gourmet Era. A Gourmet hunter is someone who hunts down rare ingredients such as powerful beasts or plants. Toriko is recognized as one of the Gourmet Four Heavenly Kings, discovering 3000 types of ingredients roughly 2% of all ingredients in the world. Toriko has a personality of rugged manliness. He is very charismatic and easy-going, but he displays a wild animalistic aggression in battle. He is also very tough, determinded and masculine, pushing himself beyond limits and never giving up. About the only way Toriko gets furious when he sees meaningless killing, or when his friends are hurt. He is also very brave, never showing any signs of fear. Toriko has a noble heart, showing gratitude and respect to skilled opponents whom he accepts, but show no mercy in the fight with him/her.

He wants to complete his lifetime full course menu, filled with exquisite and delicious foods. When enraged, his teeth appears sharper, his eyes become blurred and his powerful muscles tighten and expand. He has a wide variety of skills while he fight, and is a powerful warrior who fights with no weapons, only with his muscles and knowledge; Toriko is very intelligent and knowledgeable in many fields. He also has super strength, speed, stamina, pain endurance and, agility, incomparable to normal humans. He is capable of bringing down gigantic beasts with his bare hands and muscles, lift huge boulders, and shatter reinforced steel and concrete wall with a single punch. His main technique is 'Kugi Punch', which is a skill where Toriko's punch deliver multiple strikes to the opponent, causing delayed shockwaves. By flexing his arm muscles a little more, he could add the strikes in the punch. He is capable of 'Intimidation', which is a skill where he shows a mirage of a large hyaena like demon to scare away beasts so he could avoid unnecessary fights. He also has 'Gourmet Cells', which allows him to get stronger when he eats delicious foods. The Gourmet Cells also allow 'Autophagy', which is when he makes immense strenght for a limited amount of time by destroying his cells. His sense of smell is truly amazing, with the capability of knowing excactly what set foot on this land decades ago just by smelling the ground. His most powerful technique yet is the 'Ultimate Routine', which allows his imagination to come true.

Toriko has a very muscular physique and is a exceptionally tall man (220 cm) with somewhat messy blue hair and 3 scars running along his left cheek. He is 25 years old. He is 230kg due to his impressive and special muscle mass. His eyes are somewhat catlike and and he wears a tight orange suit and a black muscle shirt underneath it. When he is at his home, he wears a simple shirt which is a little small, so his muscles bluge slightly put of it. He is simply shirtless when he sleeps. Speaking of his home, his house is made out of all sorts of sweets and candy, and Toriko starts his day by eating a part of it. On formal occasions, he wears a white tuxedo complete with a tie. He is capable of expanding his powerful muscles so his outfit would rip off, revealing is upper muscle-bound body, usually at intimidation or when his cells evolve due to evolution of his cells. His suit is also often damaged by attacks of the opponent so his is often shirtless, so his muscular body is exposed. Toriko's muscular physique is displayed quite often that they became a symbol of Toriko's manliness. His legs are not usually exposed. However, his legs are very muscular too, having up to 3 times as much muscle strength than his arms. Rin, who had a huge crush on him becomes his wife at the end of the manga. He is currently adopting a young Battle Wolf called 'Terry Cloth'. Terry is an ancestor of one of the Gourmet 8 Kings, the most powerful beings on the planet. Toriko is the only human in the world to train one.