Taira Taizan (Damon in the English dub) is a minor character who appeared the 17th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He is a parody of Tarzan.

A former Obelisk student, he had bad luck in dueling for never getting the right cards he needed. Determined to master the art of drawing, he began to live in the jungle on the island and lived in nature. He soon developed survival skills which gave him his muscular physique. His living in nature paid off and he developed the ability to know what card he would draw next, so his deck was based on the art of drawing and knowing what card he'd get next. His main card for this was Miracle Draw, a continuous spell card that dealt 1000 points of damage to the opponent if he guessed the next draw right, but take 1000 points of damage if he guessed wrong.

He tried testing his skills and stole a sandwich in the shop Judaii wanted. Tracking him down, Judaii faced Taira in a duel for the sandwich. During the duel, Taizan had the upper hand with his skill at knowing what he'd draw that he was certain of victory. Backing Judaii in a corner, Taizan only needed to draw Shield crush to destroy Judaii's Wroughtweiler to win and immediately chose Shield Crush as his next draw. He ended up guessing wrong, which spared Judaii from losing and he formed Elemental Hero Flame Wingman which allowed Judaii to win the duel. Taizan went back into a civilized state after losing.

Taizan participated in the Genex tournament and defeated Mathmatica.



  1. After going back into a civilized state and putting on his Obelisk Blue uniform and getting a haircut, his physique seemed to shrink down to Judaii's frame.