Strength Level Emblem

The symbol of the Hero trait

Strength is one of the three Hero traits in the video game franchise, Fable, along with Skill and Will. The trait allows a Hero to wield heavier weapons, becoming more resistant to damage, and increase the Hero's hit points. Increasing the Strength trait allows a hero to become more muscular to bodybuilder-like builds.


Toughness: In the original Fable, Toughness increases the Hero's natural armor, or defense the Hero has when naked. However, in the sequel, Fable 2, Toughness increases the Hero's hit points.

Physique: This ability allows the Hero to wield heavier weapons and swing melee weapons harder. In Fable 2, this ability is what causes the Hero to bulk up.

Health: Only appearing in the first game, Health increases the Hero's Hit Points. As stated above, Toughness replaced this ability in the sequel.

Brutal Styles: Only appearing in Fable 2, Brutal Styles gives a special ability with each advancement starting with: Block, Flourish, Chain Attack, and Reversals.


The leveling system in Fable 3 is changed to Road to Rule, removing the three Hero Traits.