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Son Gohan (or simply Gohan) is the elder son of Son Goku and Chi-Chi from the manga series Dragon Ball and appeared in the anime Dragon Ball Z.

He is the first hybrid of a Saiyan and a human, though his Saiyan blood is dominant. Even as a child, Gohan showed remarkable power that only released itself during times of emergency. Despite this, Chi-Chi never wanted her son to be a fighter and instead wanted him to be a scholar. Once this power was unleashed, Gohan became a powerful young warrior who helped fight against the Saiyan invasion and helped fight Frieza in Namek. Gohan is also responsible for defeating the immortal Garlick Jr. twice sealing him for all time in the Dead Zone. During the Android Saga is when his physique fully developed even though he was eleven years old. Because of his intense training, and with some assistance, he was able to defeat Cell and save the world. Shortly after the Cell games, he gained a little brother named Son Goten.

Seven years later, he enrolled in Orange High School and became a superhero by the name of Saiyaman. While in high school, he became a hit with the ladies and one girl blackmailed him into taking her out on a date. He believed she knew his identity as Saiyaman, but she admitted she knew he wore embarrassing pajamas. He eventually falls in love with Videl and taught her how to fly. After Kid Buu was destroyed completely by Goku, Son Gohan and Videl get married and have a daughter, Pan, who would be a major character in the non-canon sequel, Dragon Ball GT.