I'm a man now

Ricardio the Heart Guy is the heart of the Ice King and made his debut in the titular Adventure Time episode, where he tried to marry Princess Bubblegum's heart before being absorbed back into the Ice King.

However during his time in the Ice King, he realized he wanted "the full package" when it came to Princess Bubblegum and in the episode Lady and Peebles took over once again and used the Ice King's bones and organs to create synthetic arms and legs in an attempt to impress Bubblegum. He then poisoned Finn and Jake with Zanoites leaving Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn to save them.

When the two encounter Ricardio, he grabs an injured Lady Rainicorn and ties her into a knot and corners Lady Bubblegum in an attempt to marry her. Princess Bubblegum takes notice of the sinews that held the body together and agrees to marry him if he defeated her in hand-to-hand combat. This catches Ricardio off guard allowing Bubblegum to hit him. Ricardio tries to hit her, but she grabs one of his arms, yanking it off. She then knocks him down stepping in his face, rendering him helpless. She then tells him how she was able to win and removes a leg, defeating him very easily. He is then forced to retreat while Bubblegum takes Finn, Jake, and even the Ice King back to the Candy Kingdom to save them.


Even without the synthetic arms and legs, Ricardio would still qualify as a Muscle Man considering the heart is a muscle.