King Triton is the father of Ariel in the 1989 Disney film, The Little Mermaid which is well known for starting the Disney Renaissance.

The King of Atlantica, Triton hates humans as he believes them to be a threat ever since his wife was crushed to death by a sunken ship. He is fiercely protective of his daughters, especially Ariel, due to her rebellious attitude. After he discovers Ariel's collection of human objects, he destroys them, which makes Ariel make a deal with Ursula to become human and be with Eric. Ariel's absence fills Triton with regret over what he had done and has the entire kingdom searching for her.

When Ursula makes herself look human in an attempt to sabotage Ariel's chance with Eric, Sebastion tells Triton everything but is unable to stop Ursula's deal because it was a legal contract. To save his daughter, Triton takes Ariel's place, allowing Ursula to take over the kingdom. After Eric defeats Ursula, Triton finally realizes that Ariel truly loves Eric and realizes that not all humans are bad so he makes Ariel human again and lets her marry Eric.