Kazuma Kuwabara is the best friend and rival of Yusuke Urameshi in the anime and manga series. Yu Yu Hakusho or Poltergeist Report.

Unlike Yusuke, Kuwabara was born with the ability to see spirits. He has an older sister, who has the same ability so spirit sensing may run in the Kuwabara family.

Despite being more muscular than Yusuke, Yusuke is still the better fighter and would always beat up Kuwabara. However, Kuwabara is no weakling. He is still a valuable ally to the team, taking on several enemies in the Dark Tournament and fought the second Saint Beast, Byakko, defeating him, but not killing him.


Punching a Tiger

He is in love with Hiei's half-sister, Yukina, who largely seems unaware of his feeling until around the epilogue where she stays with his family. Kuwabara is also the kindest of the four heroes and even shows an immense soft spot for animals, especially cats. Despite being considered ugly, he becomes popular with girls in the epilogue though he stays faithful to Yukina.

At the end of the series, he is considered to be the strongest fully-human fighter.