Justin showing his muscles

Justin was one of the contestants for the first two seasons of the Total Drama series. A teen model, Justin was very handsome and was often ogled by he female contestants, even Heather. He was removed from the first season in episode five despite his modeling talents due to Heather's alliance.

He was originally the main antagonist in Total Drama Action, using his handsome features to control the female contestants and showed a level of intelligence (In fact, he claimed he had to use it due to various mishaps damaging his face) and manipulation. However, his antagonistic features started to fade and when Courtney rejoined the game, Justin fell in love with her singing in the episode, "The Princess Pride". Courtney showed immunity to his charm though and got him removed from the game. In frustration, Justin claimed that the series lost 80% of its handsomeness. In the final episode of the season, Justin claimed the show took away his handsomeness and was now ugly.


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