Juandissimo Magnifico

He's too sexy for his sexy!

Juandissimo Magnifico is Wanda's ex-boyfriend on the Nickelodeon series Fairly Oddparents.

In his debut, he was a villain and was the godparent of Remy Buxaplenty. However, after Remy lost him in a contest, Juandissimo would appear in future episodes either as a villain, nuisance or even ally to the main characters.

He is very attractive to female fairies and his shirt frequently rips exposing his muscular torso so he often poofs up a new shirt. He knows very well he is attractive and has a very big ego because of this. However, even though he could have any fairy in Fairy World, he is still in love with Wanda and he often schemes to win her back, making him the rival of Cosmo.