Johnny Bravo

From "Under the Big Flop."

Johnny Bravo is the title character in the series Johnny Bravo.

A total narcissist, he believes he is God's gift to women and believes his muscles are all he needs to woo a woman and often flexes his biceps to land a beautiful woman.  While he is handsome and muscular, his macho, chauvinistic and idiotic behavior almost always insults women and he often gets beaten up by them. However in rare occasions, some girls do fall for Johnny, but certain events keep them apart.

The only recurring female in the series, Little Susie is the only girl who has a crush on him. However, since she is five to six years old, Johnny shows no interest in her, but does have a small bit of a caring side towards her. 

Johnny also has a "friend" by the name of Carl, a nerd who constantly annoys Johnny, making Johnny do anything to get away from him. Johnny then remembers through hypnosis that Carl used to bully Johnny in high school, which was why Johnny hated Carl.