Disney hercules pic33
Hercules (Herc for short) is the main protagonist in the 1997 Disney animated film named after him, Hercules.

He has immense strength and though mortal was once a god until he was rendered mortal from a potion made by his evil uncle, Hades.

He is in love with Megara, who initially rebuffs him as she did not want to fall in love as she sold her soul to Hades in order to save her ex-boyfriend, who then dumped her for another girl. At the end of the movie, she returns his feelings and it is shown they got married in an episode of the animated series.

During his teen years, Hercules was an outcast because he was very clumsy and combined with his immense strength, caused massive amounts of damage.  After training with Philoctetes, he has become more agile, more muscular, and skilled with weapons.