Huge but a Wimp

Dave the Barbarian is the titular hero of the short-lived Disney animated series.

He is 16 years old and the middle child of the king and queen of Udrogoth, which makes him a prince. His parents left to battle evil, leaving his older sister, Candy, in charge. Despite his very muscular physique, enormous strength and title as barbarian, his is very cowardly, gentle, and compassionate, while his younger sister, Fang, showing more barbarian traits than him. What he lacks in barbaric skills, he makes up with his homemaking talents such as baking and knitting.

Depending on the episode, Dave can show several degrees of intelligence that allows him to save the day or he can win through luck though this intelligence never lasts. His archenemy is the evil Dark Lord, Chuckles, the Silly Piggy, who is a very powerful sorcerer.

He once fell in love with Princess Irmaplotz, but dumped her when he found out she was the evil daughter of Queen Zonthara, the ruler of Hyrogoth. The two eventually made amends when it was found out she was only half-evil as her father was good. The series ended before we could see if the two could get back together.