Brock vs mummy

Brock fighting a mummy in the pilot.

Brock Samson is a main character in the adventure serial parody, The Venture Brothers.

He is a parody of masculine competent characters, such as Race Bannon from Johnny Quest. He works for the government and has a license to kill. He was assigned to guard Dr. Venture but had grown to care about his children and became more of a father to them than Dr. Venture ever would.

He is extremely irritable, likely post traumatic stress disorder and can become very violent at a moments notice. Despite his license to kill, he will never harm women or children. He has immense strength and is very resistant to injury.

He only loves one woman, Molotov Cocktease, who also acts as his rival, causing the two to fight viciously, though Brock can handle it. However, he is attractive to other women and he frequently engages in sex with them.