Bouncer Beagle is one of the seven recurring Beagle Boys in DuckTales. What Bouncer lacks in brains he more than makes up for in brawn. Bouncer isn't quite as chatty as Bigtime, but he is good at taking orders from him and other Beagle Boys, acting as the group's muscle. Bouncer is tall, hefty, and muscular, and has the prison number "716-167". His most distinguishable feature is his missing tooth, which can be seen in his menacing grin. His face is covered in stubble. Bouncer wears a red shirt, blue pants, yellow gloves, and a green cap.

1987 Version

Bouncer is a member of the Original Classic Beagle and is essentially the same character seen in the original series. He is the largest of the Beagle Boys shown so far, and acts as the gang's muscle. He doesn't appear to be too bright, best serving as the submissive henchman to higher ranking Beagles such as Ma or Big Time. Compared to his old series design, he is now about the same size as Bankjob.

2017 Version