Alejandro next to Heather.

Alejandro Burromuerto is the main villain in the Total Drama season World Tour.

He is similar to Justin in that he is very handsome and charismatic towards the ladies. However, Alejandro is much more intelligent and strategic when it comes to winning and is a much more serious villain. The only girl that was capable of resisting his charms was Heather, the main villain of the first season. However, even though she was capable of resisting his charms, she had feelings for him which were genuinely returned.

However, the call of a million dollars still made them enemies in the contest causing Heather to knee him in the groin in the final challenge (depending on the region, either Heather or Alejandro won). Alejandro is then covered in lava when the volcano they were on erupted, forcing him to be placed in a robot.

He returns in All-Stars, where he returned as a robot. He joins the Villainous Vultures and is eventually freed from the robot, completely healed from the lava burns. He is able to get his revenge on Heather, getting her eliminated but it's still shown he has feelings for her when he defeats his older brother after he insulted her.

Alejandro, like so many others, feared Mal and tried to warn Zoey about him, only to get eliminated. At the end of the season, Alejandro and Heather finally get together but Chris makes them oppose each other again when he offers the million dollars to whoever gets to it first in order to get the game going. He and Heather lost to Mike causing Heather to get angry over the show. It's unknown if they get back together.


  1. His villainy may stem from his older brother, José who was described as being better at Alejandro in everything and frequently bullied his little brother.
  2. Burromuerto means dead donkey.